John Anthony Clement II

EYELEECH Beauty is all I care about. And yes, I'm a very shallow person now. No, I don't want fries with that thank you.

No Ends in Size, a Prayer

Begin Global panic attack
Xanax buffets lick the windows,
& bowls of black pudding.
Like beaches quick-tan sand wishes
Bubbling forth everyone’s torrid souls.

I can do
A milieux,
And the rests in dust.
Apples and oranges
Eyes a relic on blood.

Unbounded thy fear.
No more nearer.
Step into ripped pants,
There lies what forges insisted on— for giving a new way.
A new end and no end in sights.
For given us pants in reaps.

Julius Midsummer 2013 Collection

The Anagnorisis of Human Existence.

Title of my short stories collection.


Brecht Vandenbroucke *
I painted this a while ago, Lil brother has it hanging up on his wall. Cool.

That’s an eagle from a credit card as a third eye.

Azuli in our ad from May 2011. Shop Swim by American Apparel HERE