John Anthony Clement II

Multifaceted Artist
In The Desert
(I drink the paint water)

"As a horror writer I don’t ask for much. I just hope I’ve changed the way you think about life." — Garth Marenghi

This season of Boardwalk Empire so far, is like a slow slit of the throat.


oscar tusquets blanca

Even the most dire sci-fi story is hopeful. In most cases, there is an underlying presumption that humanity will not have been eradicated by war, famine, or natural disaster, by the time the narrative kicks-in.


Though this is normally true there are those times where humanity is dead and its legacy continues either through our lasting monuments viewed by aliens or even by those we have created such as robots or computers or such.


A Cow Attacks An Islamist

MSN-00100 Hyaku Shiki

Neill Blomkamp, Yellow (2006) for Adidas.

It happened again

Gunshots woke me up. Four in the morning I had to pee. My apartment window was open, I looked out, saw nothing but the street lamp light on the corner. Im on the seventh floor. Still dark. I grabbed my gun and loaded a round in. I went to the front door which opens to a patio and stairs leading down and up to another landing. Inside was lit only by a aqua green florescent light, it’s twitching on and off at intervals. I looked up at my neighbors door. Nothing. Slowly I walked out to the railing and looked down the flight of stairs to the lobby floor lit by a faint yellow glow. Nothing. There was only silence, so I went back in my apartment and sat at my kitchen table and opened a beer. I sat there In the dark drinking. Ten minutes later I heard a motorcycle engine, it revved up, then peeled off down the street. It was too quick for me as I got up to look out the window for it. I sat back down. Turned on the TV.
At five in the morning that’s when I heard the loud gunfire again. I went to my window and looked out. Under the street light there stood a dark figure. It was standing straight and unmoved by any sound. I couldn’t make out the figure but the light of day was on its way, slowly it was becoming light out.
The street lamp turned off. The figure moved to face my building. I had the eerie feeling it was staring at me. I was behind curtains but somehow I felt it saw me. I ducked to the side hiding my view. Waiting for a minute I looked back out the window. The figure was closer now, at the curbside from my building. It was still dark but I know it was looking up. Chills ran down my arms as I gripped my gun. I closed the curtains and backed away from the window which started blowing in the soft early winds. I listened to the stillness of the morning. Nothing but the electricity of the muted TV. I sat back down at the table and downed my beer.
Then a sound like whistling came from inside my building, it had to be from the lobby. I looked up to see my TV on static and complete muted, and the moving curtains as still as the TV set. My gut reaction was to go to the window, but I got up and went for the door. I opened it and wen the out to the railing to look down at the lobby floor and there was the figure. A dark shadowed figure. It started to move for the bottom of the stairs and walk up. I watched It move closer, at the fifth floor I went back inside, sweating now, I locked the door behind me and sat on the floor with my back against the door. I remained calm, collected, and gun ready. I waited. After a half hour passed I got up and listened. Nothing. I looked through the peep hole, out at the lime green hall, at the stairs. Nothing. I stood back away from the door and went to sit back down at the table. There was a loud knock at my door. Three pounding beats buzzing loose change in the ashtray on a table next to the door. My skinned crawled and felt warm. I went to the door. Looked through the peephole but saw nothing. I turned away from the door, and outside my window the figure in black stood there looking in through a slit in the curtains. I was frozen, then slowly raised my gun aiming it at the figure.

Sweat dripped into my eye, I blinked, the figure was gone. I looked around and saw it in my bathroom. I aimed and squeezed on the trigger. A round went off into the bathroom but the figure had left. I looked around my small apartment again for any signs of the bastard but there was no sign of it. I looked at the front room to my bedroom and bathroom and kitchen, but then I felt warm again, and I felt something behind me at the door. I turned around and the beastly figure was there in a cloak of dark black drapes. I fell to the floor, and raised my gun but only clicking empty rounds out. The figure took its hood off, the face was hard to describe. It had two horns. I was human but beast like. It whistled a monotone tune. It reached a hand out to me. I threw my gun at it and turned away.
Silence as I shuddered with my eyes closed. I waited to be dragged to hell, to the inferno, to immense heat and pain. I heard nothing. I turned my head and looked behind me. Nothing but my door.
I looked around the apartment there was nothing. I got up and felt cold. The wind started to pick up through the curtains again, the TV was on but muted. The sun was breaking through and I heard the first car horn of traffic outside.
I looked out the window at the usual surroundings. Everything was back to normal. I had to start my day knowing it would happen again.